HTTP Spy displays all HTTP information as Internet Explorer downloads web pages and images. It allows you to view headers, cookies and other useful information easily, without having to setup a custom proxy server. Unlike other standard network monitors, HTTP Spy can also show requests made using secure connection (SSL).

HTTP Spy integrates with Internet Explorer as an explorer band, without any need to use an external application.


                Since there are other similar products, here is a brief comparison between HTTP Spy and Ethereal - a popular protocol analyzer.

  HTTP Spy Ethereal
Users profile Programmers, web developers Network administrators
Platforms Windows Unix/Windows
Ease of usage Very easy. A simple explorer bar. Pretty complex. A lot of settings and configurations for a simple analysis.
Dependencies None. Works with Internet Explorer GTK+, GLIB, LIBPCap. Installs extra components on your machine.
Monitoring technique Integrates with Internet Explorer. Records current session only, without dumping unrelated data. Records entire network traffic. Dumps unnecessary data into the log file.
Secure sessions Yes. Can record secured sessions (SSL) without any restrictions. No. Can only record unprotected content.